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Individualized Care

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At Shachter Cardiology, we are committed to providing each patient with the highest level of personalized treatment for cardiovascular disease.


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At Shachter Cardiology we use the most current tests, medications and procedures to keep you heart-healthy.



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Shachter CardiologyYour Care is Our Priority

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Nuclear Stress Test

A nuclear stress test determines if the heart muscle is getting enough blood. A tracer is injected in your arm through an IV and a camera is used to obtain an image of the heart. Afterward, blood flow to the heart is increased either with exercise on a treadmill or with medication. If an artery is significantly blocked, an area of the heart muscle will pick up less of the tracer and appear “cold” on the scan image.

Venous and Arterial Vascular Ultrasounds

Venous and arterial vascular ultrasounds are noninvasive procedures used to study blood circulation. Sound waves pass through the tissues of the body and bounce off the blood cells in the veins and arteries. The cardiologist can then calculate the speed of the blood cells. Venous and arterial vascular ultrasounds are conducted specifically to ensure that the patient's veins and arteries are clear.


Medications, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, can play an important role in health and wellness. Each person’s metabolism and overall health impacts the way medication is absorbed and how medications may interact with each other, or with foods. For this reason, it is critical that your physician is made aware of every medication and supplement you are taking, and it is essential that all medications are taken as prescribed.

Preventative Cardiology

In addition to treating patients who have cardiovascular disease, we help patients with a high risk for cardiovascular disease avoid it.  Our preventive measures include monitoring the patient's cholesterol and triglyceride levels and preventing or treating lipid disorders.


An echocardiogram is a moving picture of the heart with ultrasound. It shows the chambers, size, their valves and their movement, and even the blood flow. Valves that do not open properly or that leak can be precisely assessed.

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Schedule your appointment for an initial consultation or regular checkup with Dr. Neil Shachter today! (561) 637-6033

Meet Dr. Shachter

Dr Neil Shachter Cardiologist

Dr. Neil Shachter


Dr. Shachter is triple board-certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Nuclear Cardiology, and Internal Medicine and has special expertise in lipid disorders.

Before Your Appointment

We have made our pre-admission forms available on our site for the convenience of our patients. Please print them out, sign, and bring them to your appointment.

Billing & Insurance

Shachter Cardiology accepts most major insurances including those listed which are subject to change.  If your insurance is not listed please call us to see if we have a relationship with your plan.

Research & Publications

Dr. Neil Shachter, MD is a recognized expert in multiple areas of Cardiology and has published professional papers; abstracts; and chapters in medical textbooks.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

The type of doctor we wish all doctors would be. Took his time. Listened. Didn't talk down to me. And most importantly, explained what everything meant. Literally the first DR I've encountered in my life that explained not just WHAT a prescription did, but HOW it worked.

West Palm Beach Patient As seen on

Dr. Shachter is the kindest, most knowledgable Doctor I've been to. He actually sits and talks with me while most doctors just stare at a screen the whole appointment. Dr. Shachter has helped me tremendously both in the office and when I needed him most, in the hospital, he was there for me. If you want care and expertise I recommend this gentleman.

Catherine Hines As seen on

Dr. Shachter cares about the well-being of his patients more than any of my other doctors. He always takes the time to sit and discuss everything with me to make sure I fully understand. (even if it takes 45 minutes) This has become an exceedingly rare trait for a doctor today. I chose Dr. Shachter mostly because of his many years of experience at Columbia Universities' New York Presbyterian Hospital. When my husband and I moved down to Florida we were worried to be so far from any Ivy League university hospital. Thanks to Dr. Shachter, we can live in Florida and still get the top notch health care that we are used to. I would recommend him to my friends.

Anonymous Patient As seen on

Doctor Shachter was my cardiologist at the time my wife's PCP called on him to consult for her. She was suffering of sudden syncope episodes. Hospital telemetry showed all normal. The PCP was about to discharge her but thanks to the tenacity and dedication of Dr. Shachter they didn't. Dr. Shachter sat for almost an hour (in my presence, at the hospital) reading telemetry printouts. He found what the staff had overlooked and found the problem with her heart. As a cardiologist I recommend him 100%. Great bedside manners and doesn't mind taking the time to get the patient to understand the matters at hand.

Anonymous Patient As seen on
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