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Pre-Appointment Forms for Download

We have made our pre-admission forms available for the convenience of our patients.
Please print them out, sign, and give them to the receptionist when you come in for your


Health History Page 1

Health History Page 2

Medical Records Release Form

Patient Information Form

Privacy Notice Form

Billing and Insurance

Shachter Cardiology accepts most major insurances including those listed below:
If your insurance is not listed here, call us to see if we have a relationship with your plan.

** List is subject to change.



Blue Cross/ Blue Shield


United Healthcare


Informational Websites

Here are some we recommend
This website has been developed by the
American College of Cardiology.  It provides
information on a broad range of topics related to
cardiology and cardiovascular conditions.
This website has been developed by the Heart
Failure Society of America.  The website
provides information for patients and their
families to learn more about heart failure (CHF).
This includes educational modules on a number
of topics.
This is the patient information page on the Heart
Rhythm Society website.  It provides useful
information regarding heart rhythm problems and
potential treatments.


Articles and websites about safety, proper use, storage, & administration of medicines


What You Need to Know to Use Medicine Safely - Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Get the Facts About Your Medication - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Drug Safety - National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Fact Sheet: What You Can Do to Avoid Medication Errors* - Institute of Medicine

Educate Before You Medicate* - National Council on Patient Information

Over the Counter Medication Safety* - Consumer Health Products Association

Taking Medicines Safety - National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Medication Use Safety Training for Seniors* - National Council on Patient Information and Education

Using Medications Wisely* - AARP

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